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How To Copy Movie And Have "sound" In Synch.



G'day again

I do hope one of you "guru's" out there can help me again,( thanks Jim for help with the last problem)

I can copy an unprotected movie using MYDVD but when I play it back either on the computor or after burning to a disc THE SOUND is out of synch. with the movie, terrible, you can't watch it. Now I suppose a few will say that's normal when ripping a movie, but I can't believe a program like Roxio 2009 with all it's bells and whistles could do such an unprofessional job. I'm very dissappionted, once again I hope it's me doing wrong or not doing something right.

Can anybody help please?

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Sound sync has been with us since the start of DVDs - unfortunately no-one has ever found a real cure


However, a few things which may help:


Defragment the hard drive before rendering

Close down ALL background apps (messengers and the like)

Walk away from the computer and don't try surfing, e-mailing or anything else


You didn't give your computer specs - that could have a bearing if it's a shade underpowered (the 'minimum' requirements listed are a joke really). You could also try using software rendering as well

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