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Hi my son just bought a video camera and it writes automatically to dvd disc, he gave me one to copy but I Popcorn couldn't see it and neither could Mac the Ripper. I'm not sure what program I need to make a copy of this file. It copies as a DVD_RTAV file but don't know how to convert it for copying via Popcorn 3. Do I need to buy Toast 9 (I'm running OSX 10.4.11).


His discs are rewritable so of course we want to download them and burn them to ordinary DVD for the DVD player so he can reuse them without having to buy new ones.




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Give this a try:

Insert the DVD from the camcorder and choose DVD with the top button of Popcorn's Media Browser. The Media Browser is a separate window. If you don't see it choose Show Media Browser from the Window menu.


You should see something appear in the browser window. If you want everything on the DVD just drag what you see to the main Popcorn window: either to DVD Disc if you want to make a DVD or to Video Files if you want to export the videos in a different format. If you only want some of the recordings on the DVD double-click on what you see in the browser to show a list of the titles. You then can drag over just the ones you want.


If nothing appears in the browser window then you'll need to have your son finalize the DVD in his camcorder before giving you the disc.

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