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Toastanywhere & Simulation Mode



It seems to me that if a feature is not available then it should be grey'd out so you can't select it.


ToastAnywhere recorder sharing seems like a nice idea at first but there's one major problem with it that I can see.


-> You are allowed to select "simulation mode", however Toast really burns the disc. No simulation. I repeat in case you didn't get this one. "SIMULATION mode" using ToastAnywhere is NOT a simulation... it's a real burn. :D


If that's the way it's designed to work for whatever reason, then fine. But for gosh sakes, why not just remove the simulation option or grey it out? :D



I also have some other general comments about ToastAnywhere...


I've used it a few times because I have a better drive on a secondary machine on my LAN. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. What I want to know is what's it supposed to accomplish for you? :huh:


The other machine must have Toast running with ToastAnywhere turned on and you or somebody else must place a disc in the drive. Well of course, no problem. But then you wait while Toast transfers the entire project over the network before any burning actually begins. In that case, why not just transfer the project files over the LAN yourself and burn it on the shared recorder to begin with?


By the time you get the second machine all setup and ready to go, you might as well finish it off over there by moving the files yourself and hitting the burn button. At least you'd be 85% sure of success rather than being 50% sure with ToastAnywhere.



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It's not a bug. That's why there are no comments.


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. :)


Allow the user to select a function that he shouldn't be allowed to select in the first place because it's not an operational feature ... and that's not a bug? :huh:


How difficult would it be to hide the simulation mode button or just grey it out when a shared recorder is being used?


"Totally impossible to do" or just "something that was overlooked in the rush to market"?


Since it's not impossible to do, please explain how that's not a bug. Or maybe you and I just have slightly different definitions of software bugs?

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