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Glitches In The Converted Video




First, sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian.

I'm enjoyng my Toast 10 and I think that it's a very good software but I have a problem.

I have many DVD saved on my Mac in VIDEO_TS folders but i have problem converting them: the converted video have always some glitch that skip some scenes of the DVD. It's very boring. Is there a solution?

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it doesn't work and this is very strange. Before I thought it was a problem of my DVDs because of the protections of the mayors and all that stuff but I also tried with an older DVD without protection and I have the same problem. I don't have this problem with another video converter on Windows. Maybe I should try to convert the DVD after burning it on a DVD Disc.

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It's not important what steps I use because the final result is the same. I tried using MP4 with H264 codec, 640x360, 1000Kbps and even using iPodVideo format or Apple Tv format.

I do not know why this is happening. Try this other way:

1. Place a VIDEO_TS folder on your Desktop.

2. Choose Video Files as the format in the Toast Convert window.

3. Choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser

4. Double-click on what appears in the browser window to see each video that's in the VIDEO_TS folder.

5. Drag the videos you want to convert to the main Toast window.

6. After the video is copied from the VIDEO_TS folder, go ahead with your conversion.

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