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Error Msg - Failed To Prepare Media For....



yesterday, i used drag-to-disc to create some data discs and it worked fine. i used dvd-r's since i am putting large amounts of data on them.


today, when i continued, i got a message box:

the file 'jwedding-1' has extra information attached to it that might be lost if you continue copying. the contents of the file will not be affected. information that might be lost includes: :roxio EMC Stream:$DATA

do you want to proceed anyway?


i got that on several of the directories that i wanted to copy. after that, i renames the disc, then clicked on 'eject'.

i indicated that i wanted to eject the disk to be used on computers without drag-to-disc. then i got the error message:

failed to prepare media for cd-rom or dvd-rom compatibility.


after that, each disc that i created, got that error message.


what do i do now? what did i do wrong? how can i fix the problem. my version of easy dc and dvd burning is: 9.0.554


thanks for any help

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We users recommend that you don't use Drag-to-Disc for permanent storage of data. It requires a proprietary type of preformat before you can use the disc, has trouble with compatability with other machines, and doesn't seem as reliable as using Creator classic to make a standard DVDROM which can be read on any PC.


As for the error itself, please see THIS TOPIC which is written by Patatrox and pinned in the EMC 8 forum. He wrote it at the time for EMC 8, but it still applies to EMC 9. Easy CD and DVD Burning is a sub-set of EMC 9.

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The Finalize disc in V9 D2D never worked right…


It was hit or miss, for some it worked, for some they got error message and for a few it seemed to work.


It is also totally unnecessary as the discs will be fully readable on any XP/Vista PC regardless of their Write state.


But as Brendon mentioned, you are on thin ice with packet writing and permanent data.


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