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Mydvd Menu Problem



I just upgraded from Creator 9 to Creator 2009. All OK except that now I cannot work with MyDVD Menu!


When I launch MyDVD it is already clear that something is wrong, because the preview screen is completely white.

If I right click in the preview pane and I select "show settings" I see that the Size is at 1000% as default!

If now I change the size to 100%, the the Preview change to the normal default condition.

Now I add a new movie to the project.

I select now a menu style: everything seems still OK.

Now I select "edit chapters"and I introduce 2 chapters. Then I return to the main menu. At this point, the real problem starts.

The main menu is still OK but if I go to the chapter menu I am sitting at the center of a button that extends kilometers aound my screen, such that I cannot even try to grasp the corner handle to resize it!

If I click under Tools "Validate Project", I receive the error: Menu buttons overlap!


In other words, it looks like the default size of everything, including the buttons, is huge, and cover the all screen expanding outside the clickable area and I cannot resize it down to any manageable size!

Is it possible to change the default menu/button sizes somewhere so there they are created at a "reasonable"size? I could not find any place to do it! Any other suggestions?

(NB I have submitted the problem to the Support Helpdesk but after one week no answer!)



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