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Toast Titanium Issue



Here are the issues I'm faced with that do not allow me to use my software/hardware:


MAC OS 10.3

Toast Titanium 6.0

Burner: Sony DVDE RW DRU-510A

Where: Firewire

Firmware: 1.0c / MMC-3

Cache Size: 8 MB


Drive Reported Error:


Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03




Drive Reported Error:


Sense Code = 0x21, 0x02



Anyone have an idea of how to resolve these issues? Appreciate your help in advance.


Frederick Park

Asheville, NC


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I think the last updated version of Toast 6 was either 6.1 or 6.1.1. There were many fixes along the way from your version.


The medium error means the drive could not write to that disc. Sometimes a firmware update for the drive will let it write to newer media. Unfortunately you'll probably need to connect your drive to a PC to flash the firmware update.


The buffer underrun is another failure of the drive to write to the disc. Be sure to choose the slowest available burn speed (you'll see which one is slowest by clicking the burn speed button after the blank disc is inserted and recognized and choosing a speed that is in bold face).


I'm afraid you may need to find the Toast 6 updater somewhere. Also try a different brand of discs.


Toast 7 is the last version that worked with OS 10.3 (requires 10.3.9 or later). You might see if you can find a copy of that somewhere, maybe from a friend who has upgraded to a later version.

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