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Reinstalling Easy Cd Creator 5


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My old computer was fried during Hurricane Ike. The computer guy was able to salvage my hard drive and I use it for backup. I have all of my pics on Photo Relay, but am unable to burn cds. If I reinstall the program, will I lose all of my pics on Photo Relay. Won't I have to uninstall what is left of the original install?

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If the program is on the C drive and the data is on D, nothing will happen to it - you could even re-format the new drive and it will still be there.


So long as the pictures are in a standard format (.jpg, .gif, etc) they can be opened by almost anything.


You can even erase all old files, including the windows folder with no ill effects (just make sure you don't wipe the folder with the pictures in it). After that, it's just a matter of pointing the program to where the pictures are stored.


Installation data is stored in the registry which will be on tne new drive, so it won't 'know' that there are apps on D

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