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Mobved from PC section


Thanks for all the input...the problem still persists. Here's what I know:


• I tried MyDVD, but it will not open either a QuickTime file or a DV file.

• My OS: Mac 10.5.6

• My version of Roxio Toast: 7

• My media: Maxell DVD-R

• My drive: SONY DVD RW DW-821A

• Cache: 2048 KB

• Reads DVD: Yes

• CD-Write: -R, -RW

• DVD-Write: -R, -RW, +R, +RW

• Write Strategies: CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO

• My computer: PowerPC - Mac

• The original file was a .mov file from YouTube

• I ran it through QuickTime Pro and saved it as a 16 MB QuickTime file

• I then exported it as a DV file...it ballooned to 2 GB

• I opened Toast and selected the VIDEO tab, and dragged the DV file to the window in Toast

• In Toasts under FORMATS, I selected the DVD-Video button, chose a Menu Style, and checked the "Play all items continuously" button; Ecoding: automatic; Video Quality: Better; Encoding: automatic; aspect ratio: automatic; audio format: Dolby Digital - 192 kbps; DVD Chapters: automatic; Video: DV - PAL, 720 x 576, 25 fps; Audio: DV, Stereo, 32000 Hz; Write Speed: Best; Verify Data: checked; Buffer Underrun Prevention: checked; Audio Write Mode: DAO; Display Recorder Settings Before Writing: checked; The TV standard is currently set to NTSC, but all content is in PAL format so I reencoded to NTSC so it can play on an NTSC DVD player; Movie time: 11 minutes; 58 seconds

• After clicking RECORD, the scroll bar reads: Encoding "file name"

• After about 20 minutes, the encoding is complete.

• And then this message appears: THE DISC FAILED TO BE WRITTEN


Here's the deal: I have a 16 MB QuickTime movie. I want to be able to view the movie by inserting a DVD into a player connected to a TV. That's all.



Hope this is enough information...thanks for your help!

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Toast can make a video DVD from a QuickTime-playable file. So you should be able to drag that 16 MB file directly into the Toast Video window (with DVD video selected as the format). After setting up the menu the way you want choose Save as Disc Image from the File menu. When Toast finishes the disc image you can burn it to DVD using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window.


I recommend this extra step of first creating the disc image because it separates the process of encoding and authoring the DVD from the process of burning the disc. It sounds like your DVD drive objected to the blank media you were using. If you still can burn from a disc image file, choose the slowest available burn speed or get a different brand of quality media.

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