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Wmv Hd: No 1080p?



I wanted to covert source 1080p video to WMV-HD 1080p to stream to an XBox 360. When i tried this, I saw the options to convert to WMV-HD 1080i and 720p. Am I missing something or does this program not have the option to convert to 1080p? That would be a bit of a disappointment but one I can live with as I am impressed with the program so far.


On another note: Roxio has the option to convert to MPEG2-HD as well (I don't remember seeing that honestly but i'm looking at the output formats on the box and it says it does). Anyway, if i convert to MPEG2-HD will it keep the same resolution as the source video?


Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Videowave has these Hidef outputs:

AVC better Quality = 800x450@1.95Mbps

AVC good quality = 640x260@1Mbps

AVC smaller size = 480x270@1Mbps

AVCHD 1080i = 1920X1080@4.88Mbps 24fps

AVCHD 720p = 1280x720@4.88Mbps 24fps


Bluray AVC EP = 1280x720@6.84Mbps 24fps

Bluray AVC HQ = 1280x720@14.65Mbps 24fps

Bluray AVC LP (NTSC) = 1440x1080@9.77Mbps, interlaced

Bluray AVC SP (NTSC) = 1920X1080@11.72Mbps, interlaced


Bluray EP = 1280x720@15Mbps 24fps

Bluray HQ = 1920x1080@30Mbps 24fps

Bluray LP (NTSC) = 1440X1080@20Mbps, interlaced

Bluray SP (NTSC) = 1920X1080@25Mbps, interlaced


I can only assume those not labeled interlaced are rendered as progressive.

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Thank you for the info about VW however, I should have been more descriptive. I was actually referring to the "Copy and Convert" feature of 2009 Ultimate.


Copy and Convert gave me the options to covert source video to different files types using a drop down selection. In that drop down selection I saw options to convert my video to various formats but the format that I was interested in was WMV HD.


Of the WMV formats it could convert to I remember seeing these:


WMV HD 1080i (I converted to this format and it looked great, just not as good as the source video which was 1080p)

WMV HD 720p

WMV 9 (I tried this and was really small)


I'm guessin that if the option to convert to WMV HD 1080p was there I would have seen it in the drop down..... but you never know sometimes a simple selection somewhere initiates what you see in these dropdown menus and I thought I may have missed something.


Thanks again

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This from the Ultimate Help file:


Choosing the codec to be used for encoding

You can use one of the following codecs to encode your Blu-ray Disc project:



AVC: Generates smaller-sized files, without any significant loss of visual quality. However, if your content is in MPEG-2 format, it will need to be re-encoded, which will result in significantly longer rendering time.




MPEG-2: Generates larger-sized files, but if your source files are in MPEG-2 format, this codec will produce the best video quality, and will render most quickly.



To choose the codec to be used:


1 Choose File > Project Settings.


2 In the Default encoding settings section on the right side of the window, in the Video Format box, select the desired codec.


3 Click OK.



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Hey thanks again for the help.


I actually wasn't trying to encode a blu ray disc project, or author a disc, or make a disc at all.


I was using Roxio's "Convert and Create" feature to Convert one file type (think it was M2TS) to another file type (WMV HD) and store it on the hard drive. The purpose of this was to then steam it to my XBox.


I was completely sucessful converting the file to WMV HD 1080i as the option to do this was in Roxio's "Copy and Conver" feature. However, I didn't see the option to convert to WMV HD 1080p and after reading some of the feedback I dont' think it exists.


Thanks to the last poster though as I think you may have confirmed that I can keep the resolution of original soure.....the price being a larger file size.


Oh well, I was sucessful converting my own video to view in High Def (1080i) and viewing it on the Xbox 360 via steaming through Vista Media Center. Pretty neat. Now I know it can be done

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