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Applescript - Hybrid Disc - Automatically Set Which Files Are Shown On Mac / Pc




we are trying to include the generation of a dvd into our automated build process.

Now we are trying to get toast to create a Mac & PC Hybrid Data disc and the manual states the following:




Making a Mac & PC Disc


(see page 51)

5. Choose which files and folders will appear on the Mac and on the PC

by clicking the Mac and PC check boxes. By default, all files and folders

are included.

If you choose to exclude a folder, all of the contents within the folder

are also automatically excluded.




This works fine with user interaction, but that is not what we need.


We look for a way to specify which files go on the the Win / Mac parts of the DVD.

How can this be done via Apple script?





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Sorry but I don't know enough about this to provide any help. As for Toast 11, there shouldn't be any change in the data burning (although a user did find that Toast 11 is not burning custom window layouts as designed).

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