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Emc9 Vista Reinstall - Sucsessful.



This will be lengthy. First let me state that I’ve been a EMC owner since EMC4. I’ve found that the veteran posters here to be valuable resources (you know who you are) and this discussion group to be a fantastic source of information. Most often a quicker and more informative source than Roxio support.



Product: Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 (retail, not deluxe).


System: Vista Home Premium, 4gig, 1.2tb.



About 2 weeks ago, my Vista system stopped burning DVD+r DL’s successfully, producing DVD’s that would not be accepted by my DVD players. I’ve had a few sleepless nights attempting unsuccessfully to get this corrected.



In short, what worked for me was following the Creator 2009 clean uninstall. I had used the Vista EMC 9 Clean uninstall twice without success! Many posts by veterans state ‘Follow ALL instructions’. Which I did. Unfortunately, there were folders & Registry entries which are not in the EMC9 Clean Install doc, but are in the Creator 2009 Clean Install doc! The first few times I followed the instruction to the letter and did not delete anything specifically stated. I found in the Creator 2009 clean install doc the statement ‘These instruction will also work for just about any other Roxio application as well…’. Reading the doc I realized that the instructions included more, and it looked that no harm could be done by following it for EMC9. After all, if the folder/entry does not exist, it can’t be deleted.



So, before restoring my system to over 3 months ago, I decided to follow the Creator 2009 clean install doc as a last resort. What have I got to loose, right! It worked the first time without any issues. EMC9 installed without issue, and I am burning DL’s successfully.



The differences in the Creator 2009 doc…


- Step 2. Smartsound. This was on my Vista! Not in the EMC9 doc.


- Step 3. Stopping services. Not in the EMC9 doc. There were 2 services running. Which now makes sence because I previously had difficulty in step 3 of the EMC9 doc deleting folders/files. After stopping the Roxio/Sonic services, I had no issues deleting folder/files in step4.


- Additional folders, and I think registry enteries, to delete.




My initial testing…




I have no explanation as to the cause, other than it must have been something I did. Whatever it was, it also affected IMGBURN, and NTI DVD Maker, because those also produced coasters. Why it effected all by burn software, and why re-installing Roxio corrected it, well… knock on wood. I’m just pleased it works.


Fortunately, I have a second identical Vista box I use as a media box & DVR streaming TV via my network to my XBOX360 as a media extender. The ‘Media Box’ does produce playable DVD+r DL’s via NTI DVD Maker.


I moved the DVD burner from the Media Vista, to my Primary Vista and burned again, with the same results. This showed me that it was not hardware related. Since all my burn apps were affected, my thinking was my system was hosed and my only resort would be to do a system restore from about 3 months ago. (I do full backups about 3 months apart for this very reason. Too often and a restore would most likely restore a bad system). So, I decided to try to recover by re-installing EMC9. Well, it eventually worked. # 3 was the charm.


Well, if you made it this far... does this make sence?



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Well, if you made it this far... does this make sence?

Yep, perfect sense thanks, Mike. It seems the Creator 2009 instructions cover a little more area than the EMC 9 ones, and would be a good 'general purpose' set of instructions for any of the later versions of EMC.


Thank you. Another arrow to put in my quiver for the fight against bugs.

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