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4:3 to 16:9

Rich Vista


I have a similar problem but more difficult to solve. I have a Digital Sony Camera that will create a wide screen video but the editing software I was using about 4 years ago would not leave it as wide screen ( 16:9 ) and would save it as 4:3. I have lost the original tapes and only have the files as .AVI in 4:3. Can I change the aspect ratio of these .AVI files to get it back to the proper format? I am new to Creator 2009 and am slowly learning my way around it...

Thanks in advance

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When I try to insert them into a 16:9 format I get the black bars on each side and the horizontal squished video in the 4:3 format. I look tall and thin in the videos, just the way I like to think of myself but that is not the true me <_<


Maybe some day the original tapes will show up...



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