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Svhs To Dvd



I have an SVHS tape collection and SVHS recorder ... if I connect via an SVideo lead (+audio) will I get best quality from the tapes.


I want to end up with MPEG files - 25fps, 720x576, at 9.8Mbs bitrate

Does the Roxio Solution allow this ?


My alternatives are Pinnacle Dazzle solution (seems similar)


or simply cable my VCR into my DVD recorder and create DVD's there at best quality setting, then import them into PC.

big question is if I go this route will it be better quality or worse.


I have no real idea if the Roxio easy Creator solution provides hardware conversion, or if it relies on s/ware conversion only, and the hardware is limited simply to a plug & lead.

I want to end up with best 'reference files' and then post edit.

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Yes any capture program will do that provided you set it for PAL and in Roxio you would use the DV capture.


Understand that your SVHS is not as good as the capture setting you are asking for but it will yield an excellent result.


In video you cannot render upward! If you capture at 352 X 240 and render to 720 X 480 it will look like moving Lego blocks!!! But if you capture the same in 720 X 480 it will not look better but it won't be any worse…


You should be able to get the same results with your DVD Recorder, in fact I would try that out and see what you think…


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