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Toast - 100% Cpu Usage - Than Puts Computer To Sleep.



I've been able to successfully create large disk images before, after encoding for a 6-8 hours on my aging G4. When attempting today, after about 20 minutes of 100% CPU usage, the fan would rev up to the max, (likely heat related), then force the computer to sleep after a few seconds. Even now, with encoding paused, Toast CPU usage ranges as high as 35%. When I hit resume, the combination of Toast and Safari can max the CPU at 100% being used by user processes, leaving 0% for the system, and 0% idle.


Is there a way to throttle back Toast so it doesn't force my computer to sleep? I'd rather have Toast take an extra hour to encode than to find out while I was away for three hours, that no encoding was done because the computer was forced to sleep.


In the past, a similar problem occurred, but not related to Toast. The air vents were blocked by dust. I just vacuumed them out again this morning, and it is still happening. So it is NOT dust related.


Any ideas?

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