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Vhs To Dvd

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I installed Roxio VHS to DVD on my HP dv6000t with Vista Home Premium following the instructions. The USB device drivers could not be found on the accompanying disk even though I put the USB device in before the disk as instructed. I then downloaded the drivers from the Roxio website and proceeded to complete setup. Once complete, I attached the VHS player, inserted a tape, and follwed the instructions for recording to a DVD-R. There is where the problem started. Every one of the steps worked as described in the instruction manual except when I click on the Capture Now button nothing happens. The audio section of the tape plays on my laptop speakers, but the video portion does not show in the Roxio window. The audio seems indpendent of the VHStoDVD program even though it is going through the USB Capture hub.


I subsequently tried to install the USB hub and software on my desktop and was constantly shut down with the message that the installation was "interrupted."


Any suggestions?


By the way, I am up against a deadline to copy the VHS to a disk to provide a sample to a client. It has been a week since Roxio sent me a service ticket number which is, when clicked on, unavailable.


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When you talk of a 'hub' are you trying to connect the device to an external USB hub? If so, don't - connect it to one of the back USB sockets on the computer.


There have been problems concerning front USB ports (they don't seem to work in a lot of cases). Also, the device does need a USB 2 connection and if your port is USB 1.1, it will fail

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