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Question About Pal/ntsc



I recently burned two avi files to a DVD (DVD Video) which had been downloaded from the internet...and when I played them on my 46" Sony LCD TV (KDL-46W3000) I must say, the video quality was AMAZING! :)


QUESTION: In Toast 10 when I clicked the burn button, is said the files were PAL (they were from the UK) and asked if I wanted to convert to NTSC. I said NO...and burned them as PAL. When I played the disc on my NTSC DVD player...to my flatscreen TV, it played PERFECTLY!


Does anyone know why a PAL formatted disc will play on NTSC equipment? :unsure:

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Only older TVs, especially CRT models, cared about whether the image was PAL or NTSC. The same applies to older DVD players: good machines don't care. It only makes sense for the manufacturers not to have to produce more than one model. Unfortunately, region encoding is still with us, and a different problem.

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