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Long File Names



I have 'Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning, Version: 9.0.554, Build: 905B54T, R01'. There seems to be (at least) two drawbacks to this version. 1) the program does not recognize filenames longer than 160? characters, and 2) copying a large quantity of files does not span discs.


All I do is backup data from my PC to disc.


Please suggest a product that does not have these problems.

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That's a limit imposed by the ISO 9660 standard


From Wiki:


"The restrictions on filename length and directory depth (8 levels, including the root directory) are a more serious limitation of the ISO 9660 file system. Many CD authoring applications attempt to get around this by truncating filenames automatically, but do so at the risk of breaking applications that rely on a specific file structure."


Disc spanning is a different problem - and I would strongly advise against using it (unless you play Russian Roulette as a hobby). All it takes is one disc to be faulty for any reason and you lose the lot

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One commonly used standard is Joliet -


Joliet Standards:


Filename – 64 characters max

Pathname – 128 characters (full path + filename)

8 subdirectories max

4gb file length limit

So if you are getting 160 characters, you are doing pretty good - altho I'm not sure which set of standards are being used, or what kind of read-back limitations it might have. (I do have memories of spending a couple hours getting file-path names trimmed down to 128 charcters with RecordNow 7.3, which simply thumbs its nose and says 'nyah, nyah' instead of divulging WHICH names need to be modified :( )


If "all I do is backup data from my PC to disc" - use Classic Creator and make data discs. Or use WinXP and make data discs (WinXP will do CDs but not DVDs).


Split the data into discs yourself.


At present Roxio's search function is mostly frustration, but here ae a couple of examples of people who used disc spanning:



I pulled these off a google search.




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