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Jam 5 - Exporting As An Mp3?



Hi - I am using Jam 5 to make song edits and samples. Is there a way to export the samples as an MP3 file or any other similar format? Seems like the only option to save a file in any other format is saving as a "disc image"?


Or, alternatively, is there any freeware that anybody knows of that can do this working with Jam 5 files.


Or, does Jam 6 offer anything that can help this issue?


thank you kindly-


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Jam is intended for making audio CDs. You can choose Save as Disc Image to create an .sd2f file that Toast can open as individual tracks for export to various formats. However, Toast does not do MP3 encoding so it won't export to MP3. You can use Toast to export to AIFF and then use iTunes to convert the AIFF tracks to MP3.


If you open Jam's .sd2f file in iTunes it will open as a single audio file so you need Toast to recognize the separate tracks.


If you don't have Toast you can use Jam to burn an audio CD and have iTunes import the CD tracks as MP3 files.


I never used Jam 5 so what I'm describing is true for Jam 6. I presume its the same in Jam 5.




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