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Widescreen Problems





I am trying to burn a HD .mov file to blu-ray. The movie file is 1440x1080, with the anamorphic settings to bring it to 1920x1080. It plays fine in Quicktime in widescreen, but when burned to disc and played through a standard blu-ray player everything is squashed horizontally to 4:3.


I have tried altering all settings in Toast, with no effect.


The only way I have been successful is to re-encode through Final Cut to 1920x1080, but this is another level of rendering that I would prefer not to use.


Am I missing something?





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I know little about Blu-Ray but what I know about SD video DVD may help. When Toast makes an anamorphic widescreen video DVD it does not modify the source video's aspect ratio but rather places a widescreen flag in the IFO file so the DVD player knows to change the aspect ratio on playback.


So the issue becomes whether there is an anamorphic widescreen flag that Toast can write to Blu-Ray that is recognized by Blu-Ray players. My sense is not, in which case your needing to furnish Toast a non-anamorphic video may be the only option.


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