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Anyone Having Troubles After Sp3 Update?



Hi, I have Vista 32bit computer. I can't tell you what video card I have because I am at work, and the computer is at home. It is a new computer only 6 months old HP Pavilion. But again unfortunately I can't remember the model number.

So let me explain what is going on. My Roxio 2009 has never told me about any updates available. The only reason I knew there was a SP3 available was someone else I know who also has Roxio told me. So I manually installed the update, and now my Roxio is acting up. When I try to make a cd of music, I put the music in there then tell it to burn it. Went to bed, got up in the morning and it was stuck on burning the first song all night. My cd drive was still spinning this morning trying to burn it. So I tried to cancel out of it and it wouldn't let me. I had to manually shut my computer down. Haven't tried to do it again, have been at work all day. I did however before going to work, tell Roxio to look for media in my media folders. When I got back at lunch, it was stalled on 20949 files found 2221 files processing. So I had to go into task manager to shut Roxio down because cancelling the process did nothing.

Is anyone else having these kinds of problems. I like Roxio, but have had some really bad experiences with the program having to be reinstalled over and over. I know you are going to tell me to do a Clean Install on it, but I thought I would find out if this is an isolated incident.



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I have a HP Pavilion and VISTA 32 bit with Creator 2009 +sp3 and I am not having a problem as you stated. You may want to try the following:


1.Use quality media such as Verbatim

2.Update your DVD/CD drive firmware

3.Update your video card drivers


I don't use Media Manager as I don't have a need for that type of function. I recommend that turn Media Manager off and stop monitoring folders.


You may end up having to do a clean install. If you do, please following the procedures exactly and don't skip any steps or add any steps.

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