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Burning Tivo to DVD wy slow



Hi, I just networked TIVO to my computer to burn movies I record. An hour and a half movie took like 5 hours. Way to slow. I have an awesome brand new dell with huge hard drive and processor. In reading the posts it says the video has to be converted. I believe thats when it says encoding and it takes forever! I think someone said change the name of the file to MPEG and burn it will go faster, will this work???


Can I just burn them as a data DVD will that work?


It took this long to do a slideshow too, everyone else I talk to who burns DVDS says something is wrong any help appreciated. I am fairly computer literate but if anyone answers please be fairly basic.

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Video rendering is indeed very CPU intensive. The 'trick' is to not re-render any file that is DVD compliant already. If the TIVO files are not DVD compliant, then any software would re-render them.


A data DVD is just that - data. You could play them back on a computer, but not on most set top DVD players. Video DVDs have a specific format and folder structure to be recognized.


As a guideline on my desktop below, I average 3X to 4X the video length to encode. So a one hour movie takes my machines about 3 to 4 hours to encode then add to that the actual burn time.

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