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Spin Doctor freezing



CD Spin Doctor in Toast 7 is functioning, but it constantly freezes, and I have to use Force Quit and reopen the file. If I save my work after making each track, I can evetually complete the job, and the aiff files work fine once I have created the tracks. However, it should not be necessary to quit and restart so many times to edit a single cd! Has any one else had this problem?

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1) Do you have an intel Mac? Spin Doctor is not fully Intel Compatible Yet.

2) Do you have any 3rd party plugins installed in Spin Doctor? See if removing them clears up the problem.


I can't get Spin Doctor to even launch (yes, I have an Intel Mac Mini and Toast


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I get the freezing as well (with 3.1t and earlier versions)


While it's hard to reproduce, the problem usually involves defining tracks to try to figure out exactly where to divide songs and then repeatedly playing the track to make sure the divide is where I want it.


Force Quitting is the only way out. "Save" usually works when it's freezing (luckily), but I spend most of my time hitting "save" after moving the track divider so I don't lose anything


Oh, and this is *not* on an intel Mac. It's on a G4/1Ghz Powerbook.

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I would assume that the latest version of Spin Doctor (3.1t) is a universal binary since the version of Toast (7.1) it came with is. Unfortunately, it still repeatedly freezes once I start to define tracks and try to use the playback controls (typically the Play button) requiring a forced quit.


MacBook running MacOS X intel (10.4.7)

Spin Doctor 3.1t

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