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Bluray Buffer Error



I just bought roxio 2009 with bluray plugin today. I have Roxio Creator Priemer 10.1 bluray that came with my bluray drive from dell. I installed the new 2009, made a bluray project and went to burn it, but it keep getting an error message. I installed service pack 3.


Error: Buffer overrun detected!


Program:...\Roxio Creator 2009\videoUI11\VideoWave11.exe


A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's internal state. The program cannot safely continue execution and must now be terminated.


Any suggestions?

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Break the process into 2 steps; File and Burn.


In MyDVD choose File (iso) for the Burn destination.


After it completes, use Video Copy and Convert to burn the ISO file to the BD.


I hope these are RE discs???


Curious – did you uninstall the Dell program before you installed the 2009?


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I'm using bd-r discs and I did not uninstall the Dell program.


I'll try to uninstall it now. Ill let you know if it works

The best chance for success is the part I mentioned about breaking into 2 tasks.


We have not had problems with 2009 and other versions, but then there is no reason to retails a crippled OEM version before installing the full Retail version.


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