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Burning Multiple Video_ts Folders To 1 Dvd



As the title implies, I'm trying to burn 4 different VIDEO_TS folders (4 different episodes of one show) to a DVD-ROM, with Toast 6. Can somebody please give me some advice or a good how-to link?


I've successfully burned one single VIDEO_TS to one DVD, so I know everything is set-up correctly. It's just when I want to do more than one chapter (or whatever it's called) that my trash can starts filling up with bad discs...


Any help appreciated, thanks!

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A video DVD can have only one VIDEO_TS folder. What you need to do is use the DVD video setting in the Video window to add the content from each of your VIDEO_TS folders and remove what you don't want so you only have the titles you do want. You'll be warned that a lot of files are an incorrect format, but that is okay. Don't worry about that.


Once you have the titles you want proceed to having Toast author and burn a new DVD. You should take a moment to set up the menu the way you want.

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Cool, thanks. I've set-up everything as you described, now just waiting for Toast to encode, which seems like that'll take a while... Previously I was burning as Data, which skips the whole encoding process. But hey I'll be patient if this method works ;-)

Later versions of Toast (and Popcorn 3) have a setting where you can choose Never Re-encode so the video is not re-encoded. They also have a fit-to-DVD feature in which you can have more video than will fit a single-layer disc (but not too much for a dual-layer disc) and Toast/Popcorn will do additional compression to fit the single-layer disc.

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