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Dvd Playback Issues



I am creating a slide show with photos, When I play on the DVD an error code states that the format is not recognised. I have repeated the task using Windows DVD maker to eliminate any DVD player problems and the slide show plays without error. I have set up the burning to 4X The Project settings are PAL, Video format MPEG-2 . I previously used Roxio Creator and played without error on the DVD player. The Tech support suggest reinstall after stopping Windows Defender , when checked Windows defender was stopped before first install. As this is a new PC I have installed Norton 360 before loading any software but if this was causing burning issues then I would have issues with Windows DVD, Any ideas ?



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OK, that means you used the Roxio Slideshow Assistant and probably jumped from it into MyDVD Express.


Of course it was mpeg2, that is not something you can change and is what every DVD is made in.


I don't have a PAL player so I cannot test. I can recommend you try a project using VideoWave (Edit Video – Advanced) then save it and add it to MyDVD (Create DVDs)


The simplified Express versions sometimes do not work as intended.


Also I would make sure you have good quality media like Verbatim. That can be the whole issue sometimes.


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