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No Drive Detected



I am using sonic digital media LE v7 and when I attempt to copy data to a disk, no drive is detected. Windows does recognize that the drive is there and I can insert data discs and view data. What do I need to do to get the program to recognize the drive.


Thanks for any suggestions

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With no info on the optical drive or the Operating System or which program within the suite or what you are trying to do, it could be any of a number of things.


  • It could be you are trying to burn to a DVD and don't have a DVD burner - only a DVD-ROM or a Combo drive (reads/writes CDs, reads DVDs).
  • It could be you are trying to use one of the reliable programs in the suite and have formatted the disc so that it only works with DLA.
  • It could be you are trying to use DLA (like all Packet-Writing programs, NOT a reliable long-term method) and haven't formatted the disc.
  • It could be you are trying to burn a CD and only have a CD-ROM (READ-ONLY) drive.
  • It could be you have Vista and it has formatted the disc for it's own use.
  • You haven't said if you can write to a disc from the Operating System if it is WinXp or Vista.

A more specific answer can be given IF there is more to go on.



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You might want to try the PXengine update.




I didn't want to suggest that because the KB article says " Easy Media Creator 7.5 and higher". A Sonic 7 Oem product could of used a earlier version like pxengine3_00_58a.


I would try, uninstalling the IDE Controller the drive is on, reboot and have windows reinstall the device and drivers.



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