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How To Fit To Dvd From Vhs Tape



Have no problem with the actual plug and burn operation. Given that all DVD's seem to be 4.7gb there is nothing more annoying than getting to the end of transfering media to the DVD when 2 minutes from the end it stops(after 2 hours when I cannot use the PC for games) due to lack of space on the DVD. Do I have to use Blue Ray(expensive) or is there a fit to disk option somwhere to correct this. I have tried on both best and good quality but to no avail.


Thanks for any cmments on this.

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It's more than likely your player doesn't like RW discs (the reflectivity of those can be quite low)


Try with a good quality DVD-R or +R (some machines are also finicky about the type). Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim seem to be best


In general, real el cheapo machines play anything - good quality ones are fussy

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Plug and Burn cannot know beforehand what you are going to try to do. It is building a burn file as it goes based on what you told it. It was not expecting you to lie to it :lol:


I posed the question here about anyone being able to get the 2:00:00 Recording time to work yesterday, but no one has responded…


I have even tried it with the 8.5Gb DL discs and nothing.


Hence I suggest that P&B is not what you want to use for your purposes… Simply do what everyone else has learned long ago, Capture using Media Import and then either Edit with VideoWave and/or Burn with MyDVD.


This will work 100% of the time, every time!


Reality: 4.7Gb DVD's hold 1 hour of Best Quality video. Putting on 1 1/2 or 2 hours will see Quality suffer!


But you can split a file in VW and hold each segment (DVD) down to 1 hour…


This program will not work with Blu-Ray or the Blu-Ray Plug-in, which is for Creator 2009.

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Thanks Jim


Ok, imported in MPeg format to hard drive then created DVD from there using fit to disk option. Played back on PC Ok, but not on independent DVD player using DVD+RW.

Reads the disk Ok but does not play. Any idea why I cannot play back through the TV which is the main purpose really.




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