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Creating One Video From Two Seperate Videos





I am completely new to this and struggling somehwat so any help that can be offered would be appreciated!


I have two videos of the same event (my wedding day!) shot from different angles and i would like to 'merge' these into one video (utilising the audio from one of the videos). I believe that i can do this using Roxio Creator and i am guessing it has something to do with the overlay feature but I have no idea on how to do this. Can anyone explain please ?


On a related note can someone direct me to a detailed user guide for creator? I have gotten hold of a user manual but it is at to higher a level and it doesn't explain in detail how to perform tasks such as the above.

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VideoWave is the Editor… You will probably want to extract the Audio from your favorite mute the Native Audio and put the extract on another track.


Sync is going to be the real challenge.


I didn't bookmark the manuals but someone else did and will probably post before the day is over.


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