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Turbo 264 Rant



Copied here so it won't get lost.


Then why don't they fix this problem?

Why doesn't it identify Turbo.264?

Why does it advertise for it even after you bought it?

Most of the time I find it won't work and says to reinsert the Turbo.264

saying it's not working properly after torturing me for hours!

Notice this never happens when I use the Turbo.264 app.



I can't believe the guy who created this thread put up with the bogus answer of

"try encoding to see if the time involved was greater than with the Turbo.264 attached"!!!

What's the freaking problem here? FIX IT! FIX THE PROBLEM! FIX IT!

That's another invalid answer! FIX THE PROBLEM!

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My only comment is a reminder that the Turbo.264 must be present before launching Toast. If it is inserted after launching Toast, Toast must be relaunched to see it. Of course the bug means Toast won't report its presence either way.

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My question, in response to the idea that toast 10 is using my turbo.264 even when it shows the advertisement banner, is why then does my CPU usage meter get pegged (+95% on both cores) only when I see the ad. When I see the powered by turbo.264 they (the CPU meters) are mostly unaffected (35%- 55% depending on what else is going on..)


as others have stated with toast 9.0.4 this simply did not happen..


thanks for any advice or help in this matter


--wishing I had a Mac Pro 8 core




edit-- this was not intended to be a rant, only a question --



btw system is a

mac mini intel 1.66mhz core duo

2gig ram

4TB storage

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