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A/v Capture Questions



Let's see if I got this straight:


1) Roxio sells a capture device ( is it the Diamond VC500 ? ) that is automatically detected by the Roxio software ?


2) If I wanted WMM/Vista to detect it, I'm S.O.L. because the Vista version does NOT recognize analog signals....but, the XP version will.


3) Is the Roxio capture device set up to ONLY capture with Roxio software ?


4) If I wanted to use a firewire connection, I would have to go out & buy a NEW camcorder because "older" camcorders are not compatible with Vista.

( I guess "older" camcorders that do not have upgradable drivers....yeah, S.O.L. again )


5) If I wanted to use a firewire connection, can I capture with ANY software ? ( WMM, Roxio, etc )



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1) 'automatically'? Well, it is recognized if the USB device drivers has been properly installed. No idea what company makes it, but looks a lot like the ones from KWorld.


2) Correct, Microsoft removed all analog capturing from Vista. Complain to them.


3) The Roxio capture device can be used with any software that recognizes the driver. So it will work with some and not others.


4) I have a 7 yr old digital 8mm camcorder that works fine in Vista using firewire. If you are talking about old as in analog, that is why Roxio sells the capture device.


5) Again, software that can interface with firewire camcorders. 'ANY' covers a lot. Yes, WMM and Creator 2009 can capture from firewire camcorders. C2009 also supports some camcorders that use USB connections like JVC hard drive units, miniDVD camcorders and some hidef camcorders.

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