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Too Much, Remove Some Files, What Does This Mean?



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start up disc, empty some files, where would one find this?


it is a movie file, i guess it's video, thanks, you've helped me in the past.....appreciate it.

The error you are getting causes me to believe you are in the Data window. You're probably seeing a list on the left that is Mac Only, Mac & PC, DVD-Rom (UDF) and so on. If the file you are adding (which happens to be video but could be anything) is larger than the space available on the blank disc, then you either need to use the Mac only or Mac & PC setting (which activates the disc spanning feature) or maybe you're in the wrong place for what you want to do.


If what you want to create is a video DVD for playing on a DVD player, you need to choose DVD video as the format in the Video window. Is that what you are after?

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