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Emc10 - Some Movies Have Sound Missing. Menus Have Sound





I have seen numerous posts about this but have still not found an answer.


I have created, using MyDVD, a DVD with 3 movies all including chapters.

The title menu and all movie chapter menus play sound no problem.

However, movies 2 & 3 have no sound what so ever.


I have followed previous posts to use software rendering, saved to iso, burned to disc.

No joy!


Any suggestions welcome.

I have wasted days on this so far and dont believe it cant be sorted otherwise nobody would buy this software!


Running latest EMC10 code level on HP G6000 laptop


Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-57 (1902 MHz)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)

DirectX version: 10.0

GPU processor: GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M

ForceWare version: 156.66

Total available graphics memory: 799 MB

Dedicated video memory: 64 MB



I have also tried to burn it on an IBM T60 laptop.


Please help before I lose all faith in this.


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2 answers to this question

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If one movie is fine - there has to be a problem with the other two.


One possibility is the sound encoding - are the second two in a different sound format on the original files?


Sorry didn't give much detail in original post.


All recorded on Sony DCR-DVD310 camcorder.

All original disks play fine on Panasonic DVD player.


Disks finalised and Video_TS folders copied to Laptop hard drive.

MyDVD Project plays fine in Preview Mode with sound in all titles/ chapters.


In MyDVD project I Added Movies and selected the VOB's from those folders.

Title 1 & 2 were imported from the same Video_TS, originally on the same mini DVD, so should be no difference in those sound wise.

Just selected option to import each movie individually so I could create seperate Titles.


Hope this helps.


Originally I had created a MyDVD project with different VOB's and had problems.

One of the Titles had the jittery picture issue I have since read about.

Picture was fine when the camera was still but went jittery when the camera panned.

Again, the original DVD played fine and so did the Preview of the project.


So this was my second attempt using different VOB's hoping to get around the jittery issue.

Instead I now have the sound issue!!!!!!

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