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Technical Question Regarding Ie7 And Emc10



I was wanted to confirm something that I'm pretty sure of after reading some posts in the EMC10 forums.


Presently, I'm using IE6 (for windows updates...I normally use FF3 for browsing). Yesterday I started to get this message closing down IE about instruction at "such and such" referenced memory and couldn't be read and so on and click ok to terminate it. Not really a big deal at all.


So MS tells me I can click on the inf file to repair it or install IE7.


That leads me to my question. Just to set the issue straight in my mind, I've read that IE7 can hurt earlier versions of EMC, but that 10 is pretty much immune. Or...I guess I could just ignore the issue and just click "ok" after checking for windows updates.


thanks all

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Thanks for confirming that for me. I've blocked 7 since it came out (as I was still using EMC8 at the time). I've seen posts where it bothered some ver.9 users and wasn't as sure about 10.


I'm not keen to get ie7 but in case I can't get rid of this irritating "error" message I figured as a last resort I could just let it in. Or, as I said, I could just ignore the message as I'm pretty sure it really does no harm to anything. IE6 is still functional, just for some reason during the last windows update, something in it got a little mangled.


Thanks again.

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There's a way to remove IE from the start menu (it's still on the computer but will only kick in when you run windows update)


Set tools to show hidden files and folders


Go to C:\Windows\Inf


Open sysoc.inf in notepad


Do a block replace of ,hide (comma, hide) with , (comma)


Close and save


Go to control panel, add/remove programs, windows components


You will then be able to dump stuff you never could before including IE from the start menu ;)


You can still add things back at a later stage

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