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Trouble Creating A Bootable Disc For Windows Xp



Using Creator 10, classic creator - bootable cd.

Vista computer (up to date)


Basically following the instructions on http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windo...pstream.asp#ez6



I cannot get classic creator to recognize 'microsoft corporation.img as the img file in the no emulation dialogue box for 'bootable disc'. I have highlighted the file, clicked on ok but it appears that classic creator does not recognize the file and I am shown the 'browse' once again.


The project box is empty no files are showing as mentioned in the article. There is a subcategory that appears in the project box called 'system files' but I can't click on it to see what is in there. When I check the project properties, it says there is 0 kb in the project. Would the two files mentioned in the article be in there or is there a flaw in the instructions?




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The article at the URL you quoted says

When the dialog closes, you're returned to the main Creator Classic window, which now shows two files, BOOTCAT.BIN and Microsoft Corporation.img, in the root of the CD project you're making. Rename Microsoft Corporation.img to BOOTIMG.BIN.


Did you comply with the last instruction, and rename the Microsoft Corporation.img file ?

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Like Brendon I had a look at that site but to be honest, there is a far simpler way to do it.


Go here and download nLite. That automates the whole process and also allows you to add drivers and other patches as well as making the iso image




They also have a Vista version (vLite) that will let you slipstream the SP and the rest onto a Vista DVD

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