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video quality

Sol Rosenberg


I transferred a bunch of short video clips (1-3 minutes in length) into a mydvd project. They were shot on a Sony dvd camera, and look great when I play the finalized mini-dvd on my set top dvd player. I did not "capture" the video with videowave - my video camera does not connect directly to my computer. I just took the finalized mini-dvd and copied the movies from it to my hard drive.


When making the movie, I edited all the clips in mydvd to make them shorter (just taking some off the start or the end or both of all the clips).


The clips are now leaving "trails" as the camera pans and appear to be very shakey in the final movie. The clarity of the video is not great either.

The wierd thing is, some of the video clips change after the first few seconds from the poor quality described above to excellent quality with very clear defined picture and no "trails". The excellent quality parts of these video clips has the audio slightly off though.


Anyone come across this before?

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