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Jvc .tod Files To Imovie 8 To Toast's Blueray Format On Dvd



Hello You All,


I have been trying hard to get my JVC's .TOD movie-clips in HD format on a DVD in Toast.

Problems from beginning to the end.

Burning Clips that are in .TOD format to Blueray in Toast, is only possible, if you first write the Blueray as image to disk.

After a file has been rendered, Toast crashes.

Just restart the burning to image cycle again, and after the same amount of crashes as the amount of files you want to burn, toast finally

writes the image.

The actual burning process goes well, and you end up with a dvd with HD clips, that work fine on a Sony Blueray Player.


But, you also want to edit your clips to a nice movie, and keep the quality you started with, as close as possible.

Using Imovie8 ( included in Ilife9 ), I found out, that the best way to preserve the max. quality, is to first open the file in Quicktime.

Unlike Imovie6, Imovie8, will not import .TOD files.......thank you Apple.

Quicktime will open the .TOD files with the plug-in from JVC installed.

Then save the file as Quicktime in the Apple intermediate Codex format.

This way, you will virtually loose no quality.

Now, you can import the files into Imovie8 and edit everything.


This might be some nice information for you all, but now I have a Big Question.


I cannot seem to find the right export format in Imovie, to write my HD movie to Blueray format on a DVD in Toast.

The disk simply won't play.

I tried exporting my Quicktime clip in H.264 format, even dragged and dropped the file in Apple Intermediate Codex format.

Toast 10 accepted both, and rendered and burned the disk, but it will not play.

The only time ever, I got a blueray format dvd, burned in toast, to play on my Sony Blueray player, was the way I described

in the first 7 lines of this message.


Anyone ideas ???


Thanks in advance, Marc


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