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Capturing Audio Only Using Wintv Capture Card



I have an HP M7470N PC with a Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II capture card. This pc has the RCA jacks available at the front for both audio and video. I would like to use this card to capture audio only, I would like to transfer music from my old cassette tapes to MP3 format. When I use the audio capture wizard designed to perform this task it only allows me to use my Realtek microphone or line mini jack as a source for the audio capture. I tried using the video capture module and in this module I did have access to my WinTV card. However, when I tried to capture just the audio using this method, I could hear the music playing when I attempted to capture it, but I also had a "clicking" sound which appeared to be the attempts at capturing video. I know I could get an adapter to connect my RCA jacks from my tape deck ("Y" adapter to the mini male connector) but I would prefer going directly from the RCA output of my deck to the RCA imputs for the WinTV card. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished?? Thanks so much.....

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The Hauppauge card would need special drivers for capturing audio only and I don't think they have any. I have the same WinTV card in my HP. However, there is a work-around because the Realtek allows you to record what you hear.


Open Media Import and select the Video tab and Hauppauge card.

YOu should be able to play the cassette tape and hear it.



Then run LP & Tape Assistant

For recording device, choose one of the Sound Card options. Don't remember which one, but see which one works.

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