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Dvd To Play .pdf, .wps, .mht, Etc- On Player



Using Creator DE, how can a DVD be burned to open with a directory menu and display files that comprise of various formats?

Specifically; .pdf , .wps , .mht , .rtf (how to include .pdf macros as menu directory)


I am attempting to burn a DVD of a television manual with added information for a friend to use either on a DVD Player connected to his TV, or read on a PC or MAC. To learn this, I will be enabled to complete other desired projects for presentations using this method.


How can this be accomplished? I am a first time user with this Roxio version on a Windows Vista Home Premium 64 OS.

If not, do the formats need to be converted, and what methods and/or products recommended?

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Yes, that is exactly what I have. Thanks for the screen shots you sent me to.


I didn't experience the data loss associated with Direct CD in the past, but will go with Vista's app for a try.


Should I chose to go with Roxio's full-boat.........with ores, will the installation of this software automatically remove the DE10.2 version my computer brand gave me? (In the meantime, I will attempt to aquire the disc should it have an uninstall tool.)


Also, would I need a Roxio product for a 64 bit OS? (vista64)


De10.2 will make do for now untill then.


Again, Thanks

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This will not burn DVD on DVD-RW Device inluded? Meanwhile, I will read recommended post in the "How to & Usability forum ".


Thanks Jim, you are right, I have 10.2. I had not been "UP" on all the different versions of Rroxio products and have found that I now own hardware without the appropriate software to support it without costly upgrades for "full" versions. ( Roxio made an Adaptec CD Creater 4 with Direct CD 3 bundled with Windows ME, was a very fuctional and desired program, and somehow I expected the same all these yeaars later. Unfortunately, Direct CD will not work on Vista, so I also own software that is not supported either.


I will currently shop for what I need, save, and my next large purchase will be software if open source doesn't offer it.


Thanks again for your quick help.

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If I bought the Full Suite I would defiantly dump the junk!!! I looked at the Dell Crippleware, made a few screen caps for posting and removed it!


Creator 2009 runs fine on any version of Vista. Some 64 bit users have had trouble, but that is what 64 bit is for, right? :lol: The majority do not.


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Take a look here and make sure that is what you have? - http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=48364


DCD in any version results in lost data after a time… It was dropped in V10 and never missed. If you want to insist on putting your data at risk, Vista has its' own Live File System built in.


Roxio writes a custom version and gives Dell just what they are willing to pay for. If it isn't up to what you expect, talk to Dell…


I found many years ago that it is best to buy my own full version of software and reformat a new PC on arrival.


Up top is the Products link. You can look through them and compare but I do recommend the Creator 2009 Suite. Every time I go for a niche version, I always end up disappointed.


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