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Overview Information Requested

Rob Elliot


First off, thanks to the regulars for all the help they gave me in getting my computer(s) up and running Easy VHS to DVD. Now that I have worked out the "kinks" AND learned to have a little PATIENCE, I am actually having fun doing what I wanted to do.


What I would like to know is just how the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (rev A, it says on the box, if it means anything) fits in with the other products discussed in other discussion groups dedicated to the various Roxio applications. Included in my software packet are applications for "capture video", "plug and burn", "create DVDs", "create labels", and "edit video" among others. Is this the only discussion group I should look to for information or should I be also using some of the other discussion groups? For instance, I would like to read discussions concerning the actual production, composition, creativity or whatever goes into making home movies. perhaps links to short examples people have made that show off features of my software package.


Or is this the only discussion group I should follow and post my questions about using the various features of the different programs here?


Just a few thhoughts I'd like to pass on to newcommers to this group, kind of "from one newcommer to another"


1) always post as much information as you can about your computer's specifications and the software package you are asking about. Use the "topic description" field to give others a "heads up" about what your questions refers to.


2) Follow instructions "to the letter", and don't get abusive toward those who are only trying to help you.


3) The higher the quality of your output, the larger your files will be.


4) The longer your fillm clips are, the larger your files will be.


5) The larger your files are, the longer it takes for your coputer to process your commands. BE PATIENT Clicking too many buttons too quickly locks my computer up faster than anything.


Agaiin, thanks to those who have helped me. I hope my simple, basic tips will help someone. Its my first try anyway.

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Thanks Rob for the "positive" post. Some of your suggestions are good ones. The VHS to DVD program has in it's entirety some programs that are similar to other Roxio Programs and just by the screen would appear to be the identical programs. (i.e C2009). But to try and answer your question as to where to post---Any of the sub programs that appear in VHS to DVD program, should be posted in this (VHS to DVD) forum. If you however are using say Roxio C2009, EMC 10, or EMC 9, then any programs that appear in that particular program should be posted in that particular forum.


I like your "Patience" statement. That can go a long way to solving any problem :)



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The VHS to DVD Suite contains the programs or portions of programs needed to do the most common tasks one would need with a A/D Capture Device.


The full Suites contain much more and some of the programs found in both have more features in the full Suite.


In the Home app of VHS to DVD there are 10 selections. In the Creator 2009 Suite there are 52!


$100 vs $60, is it worth it? Only the buyer can answer that…


At the top of the page, select Products – All and see what fits your needs.


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good point. However my choice NOW is not $60 vs $100 but it is $60 vs $160. (unless Roxio will give e full trade in value towards an upgrade). Thanks for your consistant help.

Yah right! Try that at you local car dealer… Your mistake for lack of research.


If you bought it from Roxio you could return if you are within 30 days. But then you would be without the Capture Device and have to buy that anyway...


I added up all of the 'mistakes' I have made in software once and it was depressing! Before Internet, I bought far too many promises until I caught on and read things very carefully. More often than not it isn't what they say but what they don't say!


Oh, my first A/D device cost $186. At that time unless it was around the $200 mark, it wasn't worth having! So $50 - $60 for the device plus the software is in line.


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