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default QT export to iPod vs Popcorn2



We tested Popcorn 2 against QuickTime 7, exporting one of our 30-minute programs (5.64 gig) to iPod.


The DEFAULT export mode was used by each program. (nothing was tweeked in any way)


The resulting QT m4v file was 154.2 MB

The resulting Popcorn2 file was 293.8 MB


The resulting QT iPod file was clearer, sharper and more color accurate.


Have we overlooked something regarding PopCorn2's settings?






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QT exports to ipod using H.264. Popcorn has 3 options, Standard, For TV and High.


Standard uses MPEG-4 compression. MPEG-4 is faster and can support higher bitrates and resolutions on the iPod.


For TV sets the resolution higher so that if the iPod is used on the TV, it will look better.


High uses H.264. This has a lower bitrate which makes the file smaller, but it is also slow.


If you want to Popcorn to export the same as QT, select High and you should see the same results.

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Great-- thanks. The "High" setting looks much better- almost on a par with QT, and the file size is likewise similar.


QT still produces a cleaner and much higher-rez image --which is especially evident on animations, graphics and the edges of objects/people in motion.


I might stick with QT to export to .mv4 -- but use Popcorn2 to make my full-sized DVD-disks (which it does very nicely.)



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Don't know much about that...

but here is a comparison of a default QT-to-iPod export along side of a PopCorn 2-to-iPod export

PopCorn 2 using the "High" settings as you suggested.

The "jaggies" and quality degradation in the PopCorn2 render is still quite apparent.





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