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How To Make The Canvas Transparent In Photosuite



When I upgraded to Creator 2009 from EMC 10, many of my photo images were messed up. The original images had a transparent canvas in the background. After the transition to Creator 2009, a white canvas shows up behind my images. The default for Creator 2009 is a white canvas background. If I change the transparency, both the image in the foreground and the background become more transparent. How can I change the background to transparent and make it stick ?



thanks in advance for your help

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I have not found a ‘solution’ to this – I’d still like to know the answer to the question you asked – but I have managed to find a ‘workaround’ to use my images without a white background so that I can combine/ collage the image only.When I use Choose Photo - Tools- Freehand Mask Cutout or Mask/Cutout Edge Tracing and choose Create Cutout there is a ‘Save masked area to file’. At this point the images do appear to be in a box shape – the cutout shown against a white background - but the white is just the screen background in that area. The white does not appear around your cutout when you place it in another image. Using Photo-Open/Create-Insert Photos and Cutouts or Collage from PhotoProjects , I can add one image to another and the image only is placed – there is no white around it.


Perhaps someone can add some information about background layers .The Mask/Cutouts save in .png format and this format by default preserves transparency [Options-Edit]. Images saved elsewhere with transparent backgrounds in .png format do remain transparent . Since they are viewed against a white background, the transparency is not obvious until I use the image. If the background looks white and the image is in .png format I assume it is tranparent ,with any other format it is not.


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