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Audio Cd Out Of Space?



i'm trying to fit 4 CDs onto 1. i ripped them using iTunes into AAC at high quality. Folder is 470 MB. my CD is 700 MB. when i drop them into Roxio and try to burn using the Audio CD preset, the little red circle indicator of space, goes all the way up/around, saying i've exceeded the limit. does it not like AAC or is it doing some funky conversion that takes up more space? i have 20 GB of hard drive space free on my mac. thanx.

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The specification for an audio CD is uncompressed 16-bit 44.1 khz audio. That's why there's a maximum of about 70 minutes of music on an audio CD.


Maybe you're aren't trying to burn an audio CD for play back on audio CD players. If what you're trying to do is play the audio on your Mac from a CD rather than from the hard drive, then choose the Mac Only or Mac & PC setting in the Data window, add your folders containing the your AAC files and burn your disc.


You can add tracks to the iTunes Library from the CD without importing them to library. This is a setting in iTunes preferences. That way you can use iTunes to play the music from the CD without it taking up space on your hard drive.

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