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Moving Question

P Fleming


Hey Grandpabruce

Thanks so much for moving my post so promptly.

Seems to me you did this once before to one of my post when you really shouldn't have.


If I posted my latest question in the wrong section you simply could've let me know and I would have posted it there.

You know, maybe someone who uses EMC 10 could have answered my question as well.

I didn't realize that things were so strict on this site.


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Do you take your Chevy to a Buick dealer for warranty work? Pay a little more attention to what you are doing here.


Notice that the vast majority of answers come from the Guru's and not other users. – (but we welcome a correct answer from anyone!!!) If someone isn't familiar with your casual approach to posting, you are going to get an answer that can't be used in your version.


Not strict, just good common sense.


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You're welcome. You said that you couldn't find the EMC 9 forums, so I showed you where they were. And yet, you post in the EMC 10 forums, again. :blink::blink::blink::blink::blink:


Since the software has been changing, over the past 3 versions, the answer that you may have received, in the EMC 10 forums, may not have been the same as in your EMC 9.


That isn't being strict. That's being prudent.

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