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Error Copying Audio Cd To External Dvd-rw



I'm experiencing a new error copying an audio CD from my external DVD-RW to that same device.


When I attempt the copy, the Read From: popup menu reads <No Volume> (though the data size bar at the bottom of the window correctly indicates the data size for the disk), and when I initiate the copy I get an error dialog which states:


Read errors have been found on this media.


You may enable the Disk Recovery option to recover your



When I attempt the same copy using the internal drive, the popup menu item changes to the audio CD name and the program logic correctly caches the data, ejects the audio CD, and prompts me to insert a blank CD.


Similarly, I can insert the CD into the internal drive and write to the external drive.


The only problem is going from the external drive to the external drive (which I like to do since I have a MacBook Pro and I like to put all the wear-and-tear on a drive which is relatively cheap and easy to replace).


I'm experiencing this problem with both Toast 9 and Toast 10 which leads me to believe this may be a Toast compatibility problem with a MacOS X update (since I could swear this worked in Toast 9 before).


Could you folks look into this? Like I said, I like putting all the wear-and-tear on an external drive.




Machine: MacBook Pro 17@2.5ghz (Early 2008), 4096MB, 300GB, MacOS X 10.5.6.

FW400: Pioneer DVR-111D in an external enclosure

FW800: Drobo (4TB), LaCie Big Disk Extreme+ (1TB), OWC Mercury Elite (1TB).



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I was a little confused reading your post at first so I'm just writing this for clarification. You can not use your Firewire DVD drive as the source drive for copying an audio CD. The audio CD is not recognized when inserted in that drive.


It may be an issue that showed up with 10.5.6 but you're not certain. The problem exists using either Toast 9 or 10.


I just connected my Firewire DVD-RW drive to my year-old MacBook Pro running 10.5.6 and the audio CD was properly recognized and copied to a disc image by Toast. The same is true when connected to my G5 iMac.


You may be having an odd Firewire issue. These can appear after an incremental system update. The fix is to download the combined system updater from Apple and apply that on top of your existing 10.5.6 system. Give that a try.

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