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Dvd To Hard Drive



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Hi Jim.

I'll try and explain what i want to do. I had an old home made VHS video (which i no longer have) i copied it to my DVD player Hard drive and then onto DVD disc. I'd like to put that dvd home made movie onto my hard drive so i can edit it and then put it on you tube but i'm unsure how to do it?


Can you help? Cheers Q

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Not likely but it depends on what you want to do with it after it gets there???


Explorer will copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your HD.


You posted in a forum that doesn't have anything to do with your version. But none of us really know if you have the V9 DE or the V10 DE. I have seen the V10 DE and it has nothing in it to do any video.


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Allrighty then – all we are really talking about is importing files from a DVD disc…


Well if you had a full version you would either Import from the DVD or just Add Movie to VideoWave.


But you only have the 10.2 DE version which has no video capability whatsoever!


Plan B: First look at Windows Movie Maker to see if it can edit what you want.


Copy the xxxx.VOB files from the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD to your HD.


Rename the xxxx.VOB files to xxxx.mpg.


Then add them to Windows Movie Maker. It should be able to output an acceptable format for YouTube.


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This will be a better spot for your thread.


As I mentioned, the Dell 10.2 DE contains nothing to work with Video.


Which brings us back to Question One, what is it you really want to do???


You mentioned copy to HD but for what purpose? Hence, what do you want to do?


Being new to this stuff is nothiing new here, just spell it out and we will tell you how to get it done.


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