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Hello, just thought I would join the forum since Roxio support didn't answer my question.


I was just wondering whether you can tell me when I am capturing from my device which is a Sony Playstation 3 how can I have it full screen whilst it's streaming/recording? I was thinking this great piece of software would have it on, when I purchased this computer I was looking forward to being able to full screen the live capture, but can't. I'm sure there is a way, hopefully, would you mind telling me how to do this?


I have found an alternative piece of software, and this software is FREE, I don't understand why I can't fullscreen whilst recording. I was wanting to record my game play DIRECT to my monitor, not using a TV.


Thank You

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Sorry, there is no way to preview full screen while capturing that I know within Creator 2009. I think you are the first person to ever ask that question.


Thanks for the answer ggrussel, that's a shame really, I love everything about the application. I will still use it for other purposes but it looks like my recording has to be done in a freeware application. I even purchased Nero but it doesn't record sound with my device :mellow: .

Nero also makes my computer run so slow, I have 4GB of Corsair XMS2 RAM, Quad @ 3.8ghz, 4870x2 x 2, I thought this would be sufficient enough :D, guess not :D.


Many thanks.

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I do not think you will ever find any capture software that can keep up with the input and paint a full screen… If you could you would find the resolution down to about 320 X 160.


Perhaps when CPU's are up to 12 to 16Ghz.


I got a piece of software mate, works fine recording and fullscreen, there is no delay at all. The image is also up-scaled to the native resolution of 1080p.


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Cant you record full screen with Fraps also?


PS I hope you're not running air cooling on that system. And if you are getting lag/choppy framerates, its possible you are overheating or having errors with such a high overclock. Make sure you have a decent power supply for all of that also.


I doubt that system would lag, sounds like someone is living in fantasy land.



Q6600 @ 3.8 using Noctua U12P idle @ 22c load @ 40c

XMS2 4GB 4-4-4-12

Saphire 4870x2 Crossfire x2


500GB random Samsung HDD

Thermaltake Kandalf case

I have watercooling, just need a new res because I need two loops :).

OCZ 750w


P.S I'm a hardware expert and programmer.


Also please don't call me a liar, I am running Vista 64 and Win7 using DirectX 10 which could be the problem. DXDIAG was fine, drivers are latest etc..

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