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I am using Roxio Record Now 10 and I need to know how to use the Edit Audio feature. I only am allowed to start and end, but I need to cut and trim several sections in one audio. How is this possible? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

No answers from Lyn, so I'll try for you.



There are two RecordNow 10 suites, RecordNow 10 Music Lab and RecordNow 10 Music Lab Premier.

Advertising for both versions says you can "Trim, split, clean, enhance your audio before recording"


If your version has the Roxio Sound Editor included [the Premier does] it's just a matter of

-loading the audio clip,

-clicking to the left of the part you want to remove,

-dragging the cursor to the right end of the section,

-clicking on the "cut" button

-doing that as needed, then click File > Export Current Clip




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