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Videowave: Excerpting A Scene

Al Gruber


I have a backup of Grease in a video_ts with 40 files (ifo, vob, bup) from which I wanted to excerpt my favorite scene. I wanted to use videowave from Roxio Creator 2009 – at which I am a total beginner.


I determined that the actual movie is in the "vts_06_* files, and that the scene I want is spread over vts_06_1.vob and vts_06_2.vob.


When I tried to add the files, whatever I selected on the "Insert videos dialog" was always ignored and instead I got a window "Insert movies from VOB" that said "which of the movies (numbered 1-31) do you want".


Question-1: Am I doing something wrong on the "Insert videos dialog", or is this a bug, or does it just not work for vob files?


Question-2: What's with the "Insert movies from VOB" screen. What is its benefit? How do they get 31 movies. Movie-1 seems to be the whole movie. The other 30 are pieces, but they're not individual vob files, of which there are only 18.


Question-3: Since I felt sure that importing all 40 files from the video_ts was wrong for my purpose, I copied the 2 right vob's into a new directory and tried to add them but VideoWave did not think they were movie files. Finally I discovered that adding the ifo file made the whole thing work.

So is this the way to do it? Is there a better way? Any advice on burning this to a dvd.


Question-4: If I had 2 excerpts from 2 different movies in 2 videowave productions, how could I combine these on one dvd?

Thanks, Al



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