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Cd Spin Doctor 6.0.1 Auto Capture Does Not Work



I purchased this software specifically for the ability to capture streaming audio files. After a month of dealing with support, my software still does not work.


CD Spin Doctor's "Start Auto Music Capture" button when clicked either does not do anything, or starts to appear to capture audio for about half a second then stops. I can use the "start a new recording" feature OK -- so it is not the system itself. The Roxio support has had me remove all of the libraries twice now and re-install the 6.0.1 update- still the same symptom. I had a friend purchase the same software for the same purpose and we both have the exact same symptom. The computers are both Macbook Pro's running OSX 10.5.6


Any suggestions out there? I am really baffled by this and even more so that when I asked the tech if this is a common problem was told "no, not really" -- but when I came here to the message boards, it seems farily common. So hopefully someone here as found the solution for this problem.


thank for your help


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This is covered in some of the recent Spin Doctor topics. The Start Auto Music Capture button does not work in the current version. Instead you need to choose Start new recording and choose the CDSD System Audio Capture as the Input Device.

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